What do the beeps / sounds mean?

Ba - beep! (→ - ↑) : The ‘happy, up-beep’ - It’s added!

Ba - dah (→ - ↓) : The ‘unhappy, down-beep’. Voice not recognized, please try again.

Ba - dah-dah-dah (→ - ↓ ↓ ↓) : Barcode not recognized. Press the button again and speak the item into hiku, and hiku will match the voicetag to the barcode, add it to your list, and remember it the next time it is scanned by you or anyone in the hiku community.

Dit - dit - dit : Connecting to Wi-Fi. After a couple beeps hiku will connect to the wireless network. This only happens when hiku is waking up from sleep.


Note about 1st generation hiku: hiku is asleep most of the time to conserve battery. When you pick up hiku, it wakes up within a few seconds. If you press the button while hiku is still waking up, you will hear an quick dah-dah: double down-beep. Give hiku a second or two to get ready to scan and listen.


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    Mark Bonine

    You have a video, but don't provide even a sound file for these "ba-beep". I'm not asking for a simple music tone listing in standard music notation (like a singer, pianist, or orchestra might use) but even that would be better than what is written above.

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    Roberta Cool

    I agree. Or make the sounds more different like a clap when successful and something else when not. The beeps are not easy to differiant for me and even harder when using with young children.

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    Yes, please make the sounds more different. I can't tell if it scanned unless something goes right and wrong for the item I scanned. Maybe tones in different octaves and/or 3 short low tones for error and one long high tone for good scan.

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