How to set up hiku - connect hiku to Wi-Fi


If you do not see any lights inside hiku after plugging it into a charger and pressing the shiny button, hiku needs to be reset. See here for instructions. 

The two most common setup issues are:

  • Mis-typed password. Double check it. It's so easy to mis-type on a phone! 
  • Attempting setup on a 5Ghz Wi-Fi network. hiku does not support 5Ghz. The good news is almost all 5Ghz routers are what's called 'dual band' and support both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. So it's very likely that you have a 2.4Ghz network running already. You can check what networks are available by going to your main iPhone or Android phone Settings, and select Wi-Fi to view all available networks.
    Using an Apple Airport for Wi-Fi? See this article for easy-peasy instructions to make sure 2.4Ghz is enabled.

Here are a few other things to check:

  • When placing hiku on the screen of your phone during setup, make sure to place hiku with the lens facing down (the lens is the see-through 'window' on hiku). 
  • If you haven't already done so, please remove the protective film covering the hiku lens.
  • Try closing the app and reopening it. Follow the links to see instructions on how to close an app for iPhone and Android
  • Make sure your Wi-Fi network does not require 'web authentication'. This is when you have to open a browser and type in a password like you do at some coffee shops. hiku does not support web authentication. 
  • hiku is designed for home use, so corporate networks that block port 31314 or use an 802.1x network will not work.
  • Is your iPhone set to 'Invert Colors'? If so, please turn it off before attempting setup.
  • Some screen protectors interfere with setup. Try removing yours and attempt setup again. 
  • On Samsung devices, you should also disable your Power Saving mode before you start the setup
  • If you are using an iPhone or iPad for setup with iOS 10 or later, make sure you are using the latest hiku mobile app from the App Store, v3.5.1 or later. That version was released on December 18, 2016, so if you downloaded the app after that you are fine. You can check the version of the hiku mobile app by tapping the menu icon in the upper left (three lines) and then tapping on your email address. 

If you are still having trouble please email us at, and someone from our team will contact you quickly to get you up and going.

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    JJ Miller

    Grrrr frustrated already... can't even get my Hiku to even turn on. Nothing at all happens when I press the button. :-(

  • Avatar
    Rob Katcher

    JJ, so sorry to hear you are having trouble. Sounds like your device either needs a charge, a pin-reset, or a replacement. Please contact us at and we will take care of you. Thanks so much for choosing hiku!

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    Berengere Trouillet - Dreux

    Pour les français : g galeré mais c simole en fait : trouver sur internet l'adresse de la page d'administration de votre box ( pour orange) Le mp pour orange c les 8 premiers signes de votre cle wep. Vous cliquez sur l'onglet wifi avancé, vous decocher wifi 5.0 ghz. enregistrer. faite la manipe de configuration de votre hiku et c bon ^^. vous pouvez ensuite remettre votre box en 5.0 ghz ça ne gene hiku que lors de sa configuration apres c bon. Bonne chance

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    I've had no problems using Hiku but it gives me the option to put in multiples of a product but when i go to my Tesco grocery list there is only ever 1 item of each product in there. This means i have to go through my grocery list again to add multiples of an item. I'm also a bit confused about adding another shopping list. I was using the same shopping list and thought it would put the same things on my tesco grocery list again but it's only put the new things on.

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    Frank J. Hernandez


    I changed the router and need instructions on how to re-connect my Hiku to this new router.

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    While getting familiar with my Hiku I keep accidentally deleting items. How am I doing this?

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    Rob Katcher

    lorirea855, hi, items are deleted by swiping them in the hiku mobile app. That will cross it off and move it to the bottom of your list. You can then tap 'Clear' at the top of the crossed-off section to completely remove the item from the list.
    If you are sharing lists, e.g. with a spouse, when you cross an item off one phone it will keep your lists in sync and cross it off across all phones.
    Feel free to email us at if you need a hand with anything else. Thank you!

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    Enrique Arenas


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