How do I reboot hiku?

If hiku is unresponsive even after charging for a few hours, you may need to reboot it. First determine if you have a first or second generation hiku by viewing the pictures below. 


Second generation hiku   
For second generation hiku, simply hold the shiny metal button down 20 seconds and the device will reset. When performing a reset, make sure hiku is plugged into a charger. 
First generation hiku  

For first generation hiku, a reset is done via a pin-reset. You should only attempt a pin-reset if instructed to by customer support. 

At the bottom of the micro-USB charging port you will notice a small pin-hole shown in the picture below. Hold the device logo side up as shown in the picture, and insert the tip of a small safety pin into the hole. Slide it into the hole at a slight angle, roughly 30 degrees, until you hit the reset pin. The reset pin is small, so you may have to fish for it a bit.

You will feel distinct click of a button, and hiku will reboot, as indicated by a red or orange flashing light inside hiku. The light will then turn green if it connects to Wi-Fi. 




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    PJ Crowell

    Charged new unit overnight. No lights. Reboot not successful

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    Rob Katcher

    PJ, please contact us at and we would be happy to help or send a replacement as needed. Thank you.

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