Can I designate the list that scanned or spoken items go into?

The first time an item is scanned or spoken, it goes into the default shopping list. 

hiku remembers any list assignments. So if you assign an item to a list within the app, it will be remembered the next time it is scanned or spoken. To assign an item manually to a list: tap on the item, tap on Lists, and then select the list(s). Use the back arrows to save and go back to List View. 

You can also change the default list anytime by going to Settings / Default List in the hiku mobile app. 

Need to make a quick run to the store for dinner? Select the 'Always Add to Default' option and scan / speak away. hiku will add your item to Default List even if you normally keep it in another list!


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    It would be beneficial to set share options for each list you create. ie. a gift list you want to keep private but still be able to share your grocery list.

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    Rob Katcher

    Kathryn, thanks so much for the feedback, we appreciate it!

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    Julie Dutton

    It would be fantastic if I could designate a list or lists as Pantry, so that when I delete an item it adds the item to the default list for purchase. In effect, inventory management.

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    It would be handy if I could designate a list by speaking which list I wanted before the item for example "Sam's list-Toilet paper" since we buy things at different local stores depending on the weekly sales.

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