How do I find my hiku's MAC address?

First check the hiku packaging for the MAC address, which is often printed on the box as shown below. 

If your packaging does not include a printed label, you need to first connect hiku to Wi-Fi and retrieve the MAC from the hiku mobile app. From the app, Go to Settings / Devices, and the MAC address is everything after the first 4 digits of the serial number.

For example if your serial number in the app is: 20000c2a690223d9 then the MAC address is: 0c:2a:69:02:23:d9

If your router has MAC filtering enabled, please either:
a) Temporarily disable MAC filtering, setup hiku, and then re-enable MAC filtering with the hiku MAC address
b) If your router allows MAC filtering with wildcards, then add an entry to allow MAC addresses starting with 0c:2a:69


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