How do I scan with hiku?


The basics for how to scan are super easy. 

  • Press and hold the silver button and point the red line at a barcode
  • Don't let go of the button until the red scan line goes away and you hear the first beep. 

For some customers, it takes a touch of practice to get the hang of scanning. Once you get the feel for it, you will love how easy it is! Here are a few tips for best results, and to make scanning with hiku second nature.

  • Hold hiku at a slight angle to the plane of the box/barcode vs. completely perpendicular.
  • Adjust the distance you hold hiku from the barcode. 3-4 inches away is ideal.
  • Move the red line off/on the barcode (e.g. up/down) while scanning, or move the red line slowly towards the barcode until you hear the beep. Moving hiku a bit while scanning often helps. 

Note that hiku will timeout after six seconds of trying to scan. In that case the red scan line will go away but there will not be a beep. If that happens, let go of the button and try again. 


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