How does connected shopping work?

How does hiku connected shopping work?

hiku remembers for you and shops for you. Use hiku to add things to your shopping list (so you always remember what you need) and then hiku will find those items for you at your connected online grocery stores. hiku makes it super easy to send those items to your cart for purchase.


How do I set it up?

Open the menu in the hiku mobile app and tap the stores button at the bottom. Enter your zip code to search for participating online grocery stores in your area.


Does hiku need my credit card?

No. You will send items to your online grocery store’s shopping cart and do the transaction there. This includes setting pick-up or delivery times and all store specific settings.


Can I still shop at the store? I mean the physical store?

Of course! hiku lets you shop the way you want to. If you cross items off your shopping list we will also remove those items from the Get it now list. The opposite is also true - if you send items to your online grocery store we’ll remove those from your shopping list. Everything stays in sync.


Do I need an account?

Yes, you will need to have an account with a participating online grocery store to shop with hiku.


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    Kris Caroline Williamson

    Would be nice if we could shop at more than just walmart. Amazon, whole foods, krogers, heb, target, Randall's, would be nice too.

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