L'installation Wi-Fi ne fonctionne pas pour moi, que dois-je faire ?

Wireless installation does not work for me, what should I do? - Support hiku

If you press 3 times quickly the hiku button and you hear no sound / that you see no light inside, please contact assistance@hiku.us  before attempting installation.

The two most common installation problems are:

  • The bad password entry . Please recheck. It is so easy to make a mistake on a phone! 
  • Installation attempt on a Wi-Fi network 5Ghz . hiku does not support 5Ghz. The good news is that all routers are like 5Ghz called "dual band" (dual-band) and support the 2GHz and 5Ghz. It is therefore likely that you already have a network operating on 2.4Ghz. You can check which networks are available by going to your Settings and select Wi-Fi to display all the available networks.
    You are using an Apple AirPort for wireless? Read this article to find simple instructions to ensure that the 2.4Ghz enabled.

Here are some additional things to check:

  • Some screen protectors interfere with the installation. Try to remove yours and retry the installation. 
  • Check that your Wi-Fi network does not require "web authentication." This occurs when you open a browser and type in a password as you do in some cafes. hiku does not support web authentication. 
  • Hiku is designed for home use, so the corporate networks that block the 31314 port or using an 802.1x network will not work.
  • Your iPhone is it set to "invert the colors"? If that is the case, please disable this option before attempting installation.
  • Hiku is not currently compatible with the Wi-Fi networks whose name (SSID) contains accents. If this is your case, please change the name in order to use your time as we update our application to resolve this problem.

If you are still having problems, please send an email to the address assistance@hiku.us and someone from our team will contact you shortly to help.

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  • Avatar
    Philippot Frédéric

    Mon mot de passe ne passe pas. L'envoi d'un nouveau mot de passe ne fonctionne pas. Quelle solution pour avancer ? Par ailleurs, le Hiku ne fait ni bruit, ni lumière lors de l'appui sur le bouton.
    Merci pour votre aide

  • Avatar
    L'équipe hiku

    Bonjour Frédéric,

    Si hiku ne s'allume et ne produit aucun son lorsque vous appuyez sur le bouton, c'est certainement dû au fait qu'il est déchargé. Je vous invite à utiliser le câble USB qui est fourni avec l'appareil pour le brancher. Il faut compter environ 4h pour une charge complète.
    Lorsqu'il est mis en charge, un témoin lumineux doit clignoter dans votre appareil.
    Si vous rencontrez des difficultés avec votre hiku, n'hésitez pas à nous recontacter à l'adresse suivante : assistance@hiku.us

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